5 BiG Reasons Krone BiG Pack™ Balers Build Superior Large Square Bales

BiG Pack™ Large Square Balers

Scott Myers, BiG Pack owner, Dalton, Ohio

“We are able to bale 13 miles per hour, we average over two bales per minute”

1. EasyFlow Camless Pickup

Higher pickup speeds for faster baling

Fewer moving parts = increased reliability

2. Reliable Chainless Drive System

Rugged drivelines and gearboxes, no chains

Slip clutches instead of shear pins

3. Larger Flywheel

Reduces peak loads so baler runs smoother and quieter 

Requires less horsepower

4. Simple Variable Fill System (VFS)

Makes sure each flake is full before moving into baling chamber

More consistent bale shape and higher density

5. Hydraulic Cylinder Bale Chamber Design

Creates consistent bale shape

Packs a higher-density bale

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